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Rose On Cotton 19-Apr-2019

    ICE cotton posted a modest loss for the abbreviated trading week, with the Mar contract giving up 59 points to finish at 78.27. The Dec contract gave back 14 at 77.05. The July – Dec inversion weakened to 122 but remains a bullish near-term and bearish longer-term omen.
Plexus Market Comments 18 April
  • So where do we go from here?

    We feel that the market is fairly priced at the current level and that May is probably not far from its “cash equivalent value” at around 7600. Therefore, if takers were to emerge who simply look at the certified stock as a recap to put against export sales, then there is no need for the market to go much lower, nor do we need to see full carry.
ICE Cotton Update

    ICE cotton futures fell on Thursday as the dollar strengthened, while a fall in the weekly export sales report from the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) added to the downbeat sentiment.

    The most-active cotton contract on ICE Futures U.S. July settled down 0.69 cent, or 0.87 percent, at 78.27 cents per lb. It traded within a range of 77.77 and 79.04 cents per lb. * Prices fell 0.7% this week, its worst weekly decline in two months.
Reinhart Cotton Market Report 18 Apr
  • India – All India daily cotton arrivals are reported to be about 75’000 bales. Active import business continued for West African & US origins.
    The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), in its first long-range forecast for the south-west monsoon, predicted that the monsoons will be near-normal for the current year.
Cleveland On Cotton 18-Apr-2019
  • Weather and Trade – Hedging is Key

    Cotton prices continue locked in their technical channel with new crop fighting to climb above 78 cents while the old crop July struggles to breech the 80 cent mark. July’s objective is the 82.50-85.00 cent range, but December will continue to face a near impossible barrier just below 80 cents.
PCCA Cotton Market Weekly
  • APRIL 18, 2019


    • West Texas and Oklahoma Receive Rain, More in the Forecast
    • Positive Economic News for U.S. and China
    • A Strong Export Sales Report
    • Both Sides Signal Progress in Trade Talks
    • Crop Prospects Taking Center Stage
  • For Week Ending 11-04-2019

    Net Upland Sales 2,17,500
    Upland Shipments 3,40,000
    Net Pima Sales 14,300
    Pima Shipments 11,500
    TOTAL SALES 2,31,800

    Net Upland Sales 20,600
    Net Pima Sales 2,200
    TOTAL 22,800
Shurley on Cotton
  • Market Improves, Future Unknown as Planting Approaches

    In my previous comments to you, the title was “Cotton Continues to Need Clarity”. I’m not sure much has changed in that regard. The market has certainly made nice improvement, however, and we can be thankful for that.

    There is still no word or advance in trade talks and the March 30th Prospective Plantings report, in my opinion, threw more uncertainty on the market.
Cotton Inc. Monthly Economic Letter Apr-2019
  • Cotton Market Fundamentals & Price Outlook


    Benchmark prices either increased or were stable over the past month.

    Prices for the May NY futures contract increased, climbing from levels near 75 cents/lb in mid-March to those near 79 cents/lb recently. The July contract, which now represents more open interest, also rose and has maintained values slightly higher than those for the May contract.
Monthly Rate Movement Report – March 2019
  • Monthly Rate Movement Report – March 2019

    • Daily Physical Spot Rate
    • MCX Cotton Daily Closing Rate
    • USD-INR Exchange Rate Closing
    • Cotlook Index
    • ICE Future Closing
    • NCDEX Kapas Rate
    • MCX Future Closing
    • NCDEX and MCX converted into Rs. Candy Rate
ICAC - World Cotton Supply and Distribution
  • Global Consumption Projected to Reach Record High in 2019/20

    ·Despite persistent challenges, global cotton consumption should reach an all-time high in 2019/20
    ·World production should rise to 27.6 million tonnes, boosted in part by a 6% increase in global yields
    · Ending stocks are projected to increase slightly from 2018/19 to 17.7 million tonnes
    · ICAC’s price projection for the A Index at the end of 2019/20 is 81.25 cents per pound, with a forecast range between 60.71 to 94.23 cents per pound
USDA Prospective Plantings
  • USDA Planting Intention

    US All cotton planted area for 2019 is estimated at 13.8 million acres, 2 percent below last year.

    Upland area is estimated at 13.5 million acres, down 2 percent from 2018.

    American Pima area is estimated at 255,000 acres, up 2 percent from 2018.
Thompson On Cotton 21-Mar-2019
  • Days of sunshine with tractors stirring up dust are enough to knock the rust right off your soul. You can sense it when talking to growers, there is a lift in their voices and a chuckle or two now and then.

    That’s a welcomed feeling after a grueling and depressing past several months. Dissolved of the hangover of 2018, sights are now set on the bountifulness a new crop can bring. Resiliency has and always will be the cornerstone of our industry – something I revere most about all those involved with it.
  • Saurashtra
    Area in Hectare = 19,29,800
    Yield Kg/ha = 447.88
    Crop in 170 Kgs Bales = 50,84,224

    North Gujarat
    Area in Hectare = 3,76,800
    Yield Kg/ha = 575.84
    Crop in 170 Kgs Bales = 12,76,340

    Main Line
    Area in Hectare = 3,49,200
    Yield Kg/ha = 749.92
    Crop in 170 Kgs Bales = 15,40,429

    Area in Hectare = 56,300
    Yield Kg/ha = 825.00
    Crop in 170 Kgs Bales = 2,73,221
Shurley on Cotton 15-Mar-2019
  • Market Continues to Need Clarity

    A week or so ago, as I left early one morning for work, the fog was so bad you literally could not see how to drive. Literally, every foot down the road at not more than 20 mph was an unknown and an accident just waiting to happen.

    For 35 days, the partial US government shutdown kept markets in a fog due to USDA reports and data not being available. Those reports and data are being or have been caught up now.
Cotton Inc. Monthly Economic Letter Mar-2019
  • Cotton Market Fundamentals & Price Outlook


    Benchmark prices were flat or slightly higher over the past month. 

    Prices for the May NY futures contract increased over past month, climbing from levels just below 70 cents/lb in mid-February to those near 74 cents/lb recently.  
ICAC - World Cotton Supply and Distribution
  • Global Consumption Growth Projected to Slow to 0.04% in 2018/19

    • Global consumption growth is expected to slow to 0.04%
    • Growth in mill-use in East Asia is expected to slow to 6%
    • Mill-use expansion in Bangladesh is expected to slow to 7%
    • China’s consumption growth is expected to slow by 8%
    • Consumption is expected to increase by double digits in Turkey,
    Indonesia and Uzbekistan
Brazil: More cotton acreage is being planted
  • Shifting Corn Acres to Cotton

    While corn remains the major safrinha crop for Brazilian farmers, more cotton acreage is being planted in Mato Grosso this spring, as well.

    Over the past two years, cotton planting has increased by nearly one-third for the safrinha in Mato Grosso. The Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers(Abrapa) forecast cotton acreage to grow to 1.4 million hectares (3.46 million acres). Mato Grosso accounts for about 88% of Brazil’s cotton production.
Gujarat Cotton Sowing Final Report
  • 08 October 2018

    Gujarat Area under Cotton Sowing reached 27,12,100 Hectares.

    Saurashtra 19,29,800 Hectares.
    North Gujarat 2,73,500 Hectares.
    Middle Gujarat 3,07,500 Hectares.
    South Gujarat 1,44,900 Hectares.
    Kutch 56,300 Hectares.
All India Cotton Sowing Till 19-Sept
  • All India Cotton sowing area reached 1,20,64,100 Hectares against 1,21,71,900 hectares same period last year.

    North India 14,45,100
    Central India 75,28,900
    South India 29,15,000
Minimum Support Price
  • Government of India raised Minimum Support Price of Kapas.

    Medium Staple 4,900 to 5,000
    Medium Long Staple 5,150 to 5,300
    Long Staple 5,350 to 5,450
    Extra Long Staple 5,650 to 6,650
Historical Revisions to Indian's Cotton Balance Sheet - USDA
  • Historical Revisions to Indian's Cotton Balance Sheet - USDA

    Historical revisions have been made to India’s balance sheet for the years 2002/03 through 2013/14, with the stock adjustment carried forward. The revisions are based on the conclusion that market yard arrivals data underreported arrivals in the early portion of the harvest season. This conclusion was based on observed market activity in November for several years.
CCI - Online Kapas Sale Procedure
  • Online Kapas Sale Procedure
    With regard to online Kapas sale, following modus operandi may be followed:
    1. Online Kapas sale can be undertaken broadly on the same lines as per the online cotton seed sale system followed by the Corporation at present, i.e. kapas may be sold online on per qtl. basis to the registered buyers.
    2. For registration, the buyer has to pay refundable security deposit of Rs 5 lacs and shall have to obtain digital signature for participation in e-auction. ......
China Cotton Auction FINAL
  • 12-March-2018 To 30-Sept-2018

    Reserve Stock End Of 2017 5,256,286
    Cumulative Sales 2,510,279
    Remaining Stock 2,746,007

    Reserve Stock End Of 2017 24,142,123
    Cumulative Sales 11,529,712
    Remaining Stock 2,612,411
GST Refund Notification
  • GST Refund of unutilised input credit

    As per notification issued yesterday, Refund will be granted of unutilised GST credit on raw materials purchased after 1st August, 2018.