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Gujarat Spot Rate


Gujarat Cotton Pressing Summary
Gujarat Cotton Pressing Summary

Gujarat Cotton Pressing As on 31th Jul-2019

ICE Cotton Weekly Changes
ICE Cotton Weekly Changes

As on 23-Aug-2019

Cotton Future Close
Cotton Future Close


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Gujcot Weekly Report
  • Market Movement from 19th Aug 2019 to 24th Aug 2019

    • Without any market guiding factors market moved sideways during this week.

    • NY future December stayed in a small range between 58.21 to 60.13. NY December future gained for a day but gave up all gains on Thursday with poor US Export Sales Report.
PCCA Cotton Market Weekly
  • AUGUST 23, 2019


    • Crop Conditions Worsen
    • Trade War Intensifies
    • Export Sales Weaker

    Futures trading was very slow this week. Prices fell from Monday’s high at 60.25 cents per pound to a low of 58.06 on Friday. Open interest increased 1,215 contracts to 216,481 during the week, which is the highest level since May.
Cleveland On Cotton 23-Aug-2019
  • Chinese Politics Loom Large

    “When It Rains It Pours.” So goes the Morton salt slogan. And cotton prices seem to be pouring lower and lower each week.

    December declined 192 points on the week, falling at one point to 58.06 and settled the week about 100 points above its life of contract low. The 57-61 cent trading range remains intact but will be challenged unless the market senses the U.S. crop is getting smaller.
DTN Cotton Close 23-Aug
  • Lower on Trump Tweets

    The market pushed lower Friday, hamstrung by its ongoing bearish trend and two presidential tweets which added to the existing negative sentiment. Cotton was already under pressure from its dismal weekly sales and exports data of Thursday, when Trump referenced China’s President Xi as “the enemy” and in another tweet, indicated U.S. companies should seek “alternatives” to China. Neither one of those communication blasts were encouraging about agreeing to a trade deal.
Weather Forecast 24-Aug
  • The Low-Pressure Area has become less marked and the associated Cyclonic Circulation is persisting over Southeast Uttar Pradesh and Northeast Madhya Pradesh. Another Cyclonic Circulation is over the North Bay of Bengal and adjoining Odisha coast. The Axis of Monsoon Trough is extending from central Uttar Pradesh to Northeast Bay of Bengal across Cyclonic Circulation over Northeast Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and over the Cyclonic Circulation over North Odisha.
Plexus Market Comments 22 Aug
  • So where do we go from here?

    The market is currently stuck in a tight range, as the downside is limited by the US government loan support at around 57/58 cents, while the upside is equally limited by an abundance of bearish factors.

    The loan floor should hold at least until the US crop has been harvested and the upside will remain capped until a pertinent bullish factor enters the scene and forces specs to react. Until that happens, expect the market to be confined to a 57-62 cents range.
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